Two Bros Ruin Their Day By Eating The World’s Hottest Pepper On A Carriage Ride Through Central Park

If you enjoy watching people suffer for the sake of YouTube video views, (A. you’re a sick fuck who needs to see a therapist and (B. you’ll love this video from First We Feast. One of the world’s biggest pepper afiacandos, Chili Klaus, linked up with Complex Media’s Hot Ones host Sean Evans for a little carriage ride around Central Park. They brought some Carolina Reapers with them. But they’re not just any Carolina Reaper — They’re a super hybrid Frankenstein version from “Smokin’ Ed” Currie of the legendary PuckerButt Pepper Company in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Speaking of which, I have some of that man’s hot sauce in my kitchen. I’m saving it for a special occasions, like the finest vintages of champagne.

If anyone ever wants to talk hot sauce and peppers, hit me up on Twitter. It’s kind of my *thing*


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