Russian Bride Flips The Bird To New Father-In-Law At Wedding Reception, Things Escalate

flip bird

Shit hit the fan after a Russian bride, named Lena, flips the bird to her new husband’s father at the post-ceremony reception. If you think that publicly insulting the patriarch of the family you just married into is a good idea, why would you think that? Like why? Anyhoo, this video should serve as devil’s advocate:

The transcript below was translated by Mirror:

A male can be heard saying: “What the heck is this? Put your middle finger on the plate and I cut it with a knife”

Before her father-in-law screamed: “You freaking cow.

“Get the fuck out of here.”

One woman, trying to cover the bride’s mouth with her hand, says: “Lena, please calm yourself down.”

While another man helpfully urges: “Go on, kill her.”

Then the bride’s father-in-law then seems to lose his temper completely.

He shouts: “You damned whore!

“I spent a lot of money on this wedding and what did you do?”

He starts shoving and slapping his daughter-in-law who falls to the floor.

A woman’s voice can then be heard saying: “Lena, are you out of your fucking mind?”

I don’t know where the groom was in all of this, but I’m guessing he was in the bathroom staring at the wall wondering how the fuck he got himself in this deep.

Hey, maybe this is just a hiccup in an otherwise healthy, loving relationship. Just kidding, I give it two weeks before dude puts a hit on his daughter-in-law. Old Russians aren’t to be fucked with.

[h/t Mirror]

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