Russian Couple Intimately Make Out In Public… Then… KERPLOW!!! They Get Barraged By Gang Of Women Led By His Girlfriend!

What a rollercoaster of emotions! One minute this passionate couple is lustfully playing tonsil hockey and the very next second the woman is getting jump-punched! This strange brawl happened in Russia where three women violently interrupt the makeout sesh.

The cameraman, who may have been jerking off as he watched the couple kiss, is heard saying, “Oh yes, yes, great, great! You are beautiful.”

The cameraman narrates the brouhaha and repeated what the women said, “What are you doing? Why are you stealing my boyfriend, you cow?”

Instead of a broken heart, this scorned lover is inflicting broken ribs on her man’s new paramour.

The moral of the story is if you’re cheating on your partner it is best to do so in private and not in the middle of the street.