Russian Playboy Model Claims She Was Detained By U.S. Agents At LAX Because They Thought She Was A Spy

There has been much chatter and allegations of Russia influencing the U.S. elections in November. Since then, there have been accusations that members of the Trump administration have had communication with the Russian government. The assertions and claims seem to have caused hysteria in some aspects, and that panic may have permeated U.S. agents at Los Angeles International Airport.

Russian model Victoria Bonya claims she was detained at LAX by U.S. agents when she arrived in Los Angeles because they thought she was a spy. TSA agents found a business card for Spy-Land, a company that specializes in hidden cameras. This caused the agents to believe that the Playboy model was a Russian spy and then grilled her. Because you know all spies carry business cards for spy equipment.

“Instead of asking some real questions, the officer decided to talk about our president [Vladimir Putin],” the 37-year-old former Playboy model wrote on her Instagram.

“Finding out everything about my position, he started talking about the KGB,” she added. “I started laughing, as I really thought it was a joke, until they asked me the same thing for a third time!’’

The interrogation got so intense that Bonya feared she wouldn’t be allowed in the United States.

“It was a big shock! I thought that was it and that they will deport me asap,” she said.

Bonya, who is originally from the town of Krasnokamensk in eastern Russia, has beeing living in Monaco since 2012 with her husband. Her husband is Michael Smurfit, a British-Irish businessman who has a net worth of nearly $400 million.

If she is a spy, she’s not a very clandestine secret agent because she has over 5 million followers on Instagram.