This Is What It Looks Like When A Salt Factory Wall Collapses And A Bunch Of Salt Spills Out



Chicago, Illinois is home to a Morton’s Salt factory. Deep in the earth below the Windy City, hundreds of thousands of dwarves mine salt out of the land grain by precious grain, a tedious and arduous process that not many know about, since the salt lobby is desperate to keep the brutal practice–90 dwarves died last year at Morton’s alone–hidden.

Then, the salt is stored in a big building, eventually making it to your food.

At the factory today, a wall collapsed, spreading what appears to be tons of salt all over a neighboring Acura dealership, thus allowing you to see what it looks like when a salt factory wall collapses and a bunch of salt spills out.

Also, I made up the bit about the dwarves. Everyone knows salt comes from comets.

No injuries were reported.

[H/T The Markest of Bermans]