Santa Claus Helps Soldier Stationed In Afghanistan Propose To Girlfriend

As if Santa Claus doesn’t have enough on his plate this time of year, he’s now doing wedding proposals.

Going to see Santa at the mall is usually the way you ask for your Christmas wishes, but then you have to wait several agonizing weeks before you see if the fat guy comes up with the goods. However for Kimberly Roberts she received a magical Christmas present right there at the mall.

Roberts and her family went to the Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana to visit Santa and give their Christmas list.

When Jolly Old Saint Nick asks Kimberly what she wants for Christmas she replies, “I want my boyfriend to come home from Afghanistan.” A very heartfelt and unselfish Christmas wish because he boyfriend, Sgt. Clint Underhill, is risking his life by serving overseas. While Santa was not able to give Kimberly her boyfriend, he did possibly the next best thing.

“Really? Hm, you know that’s quite an honorable thing that they do to keep us free,” Santa says. He then presented her with roses and then read from a letter from Undergill.

“We’ve had so many days apart, and we’ve been together through every single one of them. I’m so very grateful to have such a marvelous woman in my life. I cannot think of anyone else that I would rather spend the rest of my life with. You show me complete happiness and joy every single day. Will you marry me?

Santa pulled out a ring and the crying Kimberly said, “Yes.”

I had no idea that Santa available to hire as a speaker. Maybe I could get him to speak for me when I’m supposed to do an uncomfortable best man speech.