Yesterday afternoon I received the text message “Let’s go fishing he says, it’ll be fun he says” and the video below. The accompanying video to that text was easily the most jarring (and disgusting) video I’ve ever received on my phone. As I was shooting targets in upstate New York, some 1,400 miles away from where the injury took place, my mind was as far away from grouper fishing in Florida as it could possibly be. But out of nowhere I get the text from my cuz showing me his 100% NSFL injury, an injury he sustained while grouper fishing in Sarasota, Florida that nearly caused him to lose his pinky toe. If you have a weak stomach I’m dead serious: TURN AWAY NOW, YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS.

The conditions that led up to this injury were the following: 4 to 6 foot rolling waves, which for the Gulf of Mexico is pretty rough. There were on-and-off storms yesterday causing the rough conditions. To make matters worse my cousin was fishing on a friend of our’s new 25-foot Sportsman Bay Fish boat, a boat that’s in no way designed to handle rough conditions. At some point a big set of waves came in and he lost his balance, he caught his foot on a sharp metal bracket (not even a knife), and next thing you know they were hauling ass back to the dock to have his foot sewn up (8 stitches). What you can see below is the ABSOLUTELY F*CKING DISGUSTING NSFL injury sustained from him just catching his foot on a sharp metal bracket. Again, turn away now if you have a week stomach:

Excuse me while I go throw up, again and again and again. He told me the silver lining of the day was that they caught 6 keeper red grouper AND were able to grab this pic of a double full rainbow off the coast of Sarasota, Florida:


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And for those of you wonder about those fish they caught here’s a picture from the dock:


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