School Bully Gets His Ass Beat, Because Picking On A Kid Who Has SERIOUS MMA Skills Is A Terrible Life Choice

I never got into the whole bully scene or ran with that kind of crowd, but back when I was young and stupid (to clarify, now I’m just young-ish and stupid) I would get into the occasional bar fight. If someone had a problem with me and wanted to throw fists, I thought nothing of it. Sure. Fine. I’m drunk and in need of a good dick measuring contest. Let’s do this. But I never sought it out, because these days you never know what the other person is packing — be it an actual weapon or fists that are licensed to kill. Plus, I never intentionally put my precious face in harm’s way. Too many people enjoy looking at it and actively seeking out fights would just be selfish.

The crazy part of this particular ass beating is the fact that the kid whipped out MMA moves and barely broke a sweat. In the past 10 years, plenty of adult MMA wannabes (and actual bes) have surfaced, but I had no idea kids were this into the sport. I mean, this kid who was getting picked on taught the bully a rough and very public lesson. This was total humiliation. When you’re a bully, that might be all you have in life to hang your hat on. Everyone knows you as the guy people don’t fuck with. Now, this kid’s got nothing. He is no longer a tough guy. He’s a pussy who got the fucking daylights beat out of him by a kid who he mistook for a lesser human being. To say this ass kicking is going to haunt the bully until he graduates high school is an understatement. Oh yeah. Gonna be a rough couple years, Bro. Saddle up.