Science Can Now Create Artificial Vaginas, Probably For Blowup Dolls

by 5 years ago


If you’ve been shopping around for a brand spankin’ new pocket pussy, you might want to wait a few years. A new breakthrough in prosthetics construction has made it possible for women with jacked up vaginas to get them replaced. According to New York Magazine author Matthew Giles,

“‘You’re taking cells from external genitalia and you’re creating … this scaffolding that you place the cells on, and then you implant it to actually create the cavity, and the body takes to it…'”

At the moment science is only sticking their vaginas into women, but who’s to say in a few years that there won’t be sex toys made of actual vagina? The porn industry has no boundaries. Get ready to never spend another lonely night wishing your hand was made out of real woman.

Check out the full story here.

[H/T Huffington Post]