Science Says People Are Still Boning In Cars Despite Leg Cramps And Carpet Burns

According to a new study, science says that people love car sex.


Not that kind of car sex.

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Sex between two people that takes place in a car.

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In a new study from researchers at University of South Dakota published in a forthcoming issue of Journal of Sex Research, they took on the noble fact-finding mission to see if people are still fucking in cars. Their scientific investigation revealed that yes, people are still fucking in cars. To find out if people are still bumping naughties in automobiles the researchers interviewed undergraduate students. Their groundbreaking study found that 61 percent of men and 58.5 percent of women reported engaging in some kind of sexual behavior within a vehicle.

In an anonymous survey of 195 men and 511 women (Mage = 19.8) at a small Midwestern university, 119 men (61%) and 303 women (59.5%) reported that they had engaged in sex while parked. Of these 422, 14% lost their virginity in a parked car. Having sex in parked cars was more likely to involve relational dating partners than hookups. In most recent incidents, the majority of respondents were with a serious but noncohabiting romantic partner (56.9%) in the back seat (63.4%) of a standard car (56.4%) parked out in the country (56.0%). The most common sexual acts were penile-vaginal sex and genital touching, reported by 84.6% and 57.5% of respondents, respectively. Condoms were used by 58.2% of respondents. Less than 1% of respondents reported sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy outcomes. These data, including personal stories of memorable incidents, revealed that despite discomfort, body bumps, and risk of being caught, sex while parked was primarily a positive sexual and romantic experience for both men and women. A dark side of parked-car sex existed in that 2.5% of men and 4.3% of women reported being sexually coerced. The future study of sex in parked cars in urban environments is recommended.

Shoutout to all you poor dudes who ripped up your knees trying to get it in from the floor of the back seat of your shagging wagon.

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