Scientific Breakthrough That Could Reverse Aging Process Is Already Garnering Interest From NASA

by 1 year ago


Judge Judy, George Clooney, Suzanne Somers, Steve Buscemi, Rob Lowe, Christie Brinkley, Elizabeth Hurley. All people with the Benjamin Button gene.

The rest of us will eventually submit to our hair falling out, our bones becoming brittle, our ballsacks scraping the floor, and yelling at innocent clouds. What an unrelentingly fickle beast the process of aging is.

Well, that could change.

Breakthrough research from scientists at Harvard Medical School and University of New South Wales have found a molecule that could be essential to the health and survival of Mars astronauts as well as keeping humans forever young.

According to the New York Post, after six years of DNA testing, scientists have found out why our cells lose their ability to repair themselves as we age. Researchers found that DBC1, one of the human body’s most plentiful proteins, attaches itself to the protein that are responsible for repairing damaged cells, throwing off the healing process.


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