This Holiday Lights Display Celebrates Seattle Sports, Will Likely Start A Neighborhood War

The fella in Buffalo who turned his holiday lights display into an ode to the Bills got a lot of run for his creation earlier this month. But dammit if his house doesn’t look like hot garbage compared to this shrine to Seattle sports.

We use the term masterpiece pretty loosely these days, but this is a masterpiece.

Anthony Mish says he started decorating his home at 11217 NE 100th Street in Kirkland with holiday lights the day after Halloween and still hasn’t finished.

Mish began opening his home to the public about three years ago.

He said at least 400 people came through on Saturday.

Mish expects 20,000 people will pay him a visit before the holidays are through.

Alright, great article, KING5, but perhaps you should have talked to his neighbors. God knows they likely have some scalding-hot takes on the installation.

I consider myself a fairly tolerant person, but I’d be over this dude’s house with a knife cutting cords within a week of launch.