Dolphin At SeaWorld Is Tired Of Everyone, Steals Woman’s iPad And Then Totally Dominates Her

A woman at SeaWorld Orlando got totally dominated by a dolphin in captivity when it swam up, took her iPad, threw it in the water, and then splashes water all over the entire crowd. Everyone’s laughing and screaming, and for the most part, it seems like a pretty hectic but jovial scene. This is complete and utter domination by the dolphin, though, as he jacks that chick’s iPad and then rubs it in her face:

If I had to wager a realistic guess of why this went down I’d say that the dolphin was jealous the woman was paying more attention to her iPad than the dolphin, because dolphins are used to being the centers of attention in situations like that. To the untrained eye though I think it’s easy to believe that the hyper-intelligent dolphin was just trying to teach that woman a lesson about living in the now.

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I won’t presume to know what life is like for a dolphin at SeaWorld or whether or not dolphins prefer it to the wild, I do however think that they’d prefer living the wild and that’s why they often act out like in the clip above. On the one hand, while living at SeaWorld a dolphin never has to worry about food, which for a dolphin is the #1 driving force in life. Out in the wild dolphins are forever in search of that next meal, and at SeaWorld they’ve got trainers tossing them fish 24/7/365. But out in the wild, these dolphins have unlimited swimming space. If they so choose they can swim from Florida to Maine, crushing fish all along the way. I will go out on a limb and say that something like this would never happen in the wild, but I’m not sure what that signifies (if anything at all).

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