Wild Footage Shows Security Guard Exchanging Gunfire With Somali Pirates During Hijack Attempt

by 11 months ago

Here I am watching this crazy intense footage and I’m wondering to myself how in the HELL are there still pirates in the world? Pirates have been around as long as maritime trade and travel has existed.

We’re living in a modern world with the capabilities to blow a fucking boat out of the water from miles away. I just can’t understand how pirates, specifically Somali pirates, are still such a threat to the shipping industry in various pockets across the globe.

On a side note, a quick perusal of the YouTube comments on this video shows there’s no shortage of dudes in the world who would volunteer for this private security job free of charge. The security guard in this video firing off rounds at the Somali pirates attempting to board the ship is probably getting paid a literal fuck ton. I bet he’s making $250K a year to shoot at pirates. There are literally TONS of dudes out there who would perform this job for free.

As for the actual incidence of pirate attacks on freighters worldwide, they seem to be on the decline. However, two Somali pirates were killed by naval forces earlier this week.

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