Oblivious Semi-Truck Driver Dragging A Helpless Car Over 4 Miles Is Some ‘Mad Max’ Ish

by 1 year ago

Maybe this truck driver invested too much money into a speedball and a pure hit of meth from a lounge lizard at the last truck stop for him to stop for anything. And by anything I mean A-NY-TH-ING. Accidents? No time to stop, he’s got a load of rubber dog shit from Hong Kong to deliver and STAT. Hunger? No time to stop for cheesy grits. A car crushed and molded to the side of his big rig? No time to stop.

On Wednesday, a car collided with a semi-truck on the northbound 15 Freeway near Highway 138 in California. Allegedly, the truck driver had no idea that his vehicle had a 4,000-pound growth on the side of his truck. That did not stop the driver from trucking along for over four miles with a car skidding along side him. Nevertheless he persisted.

Fellow drivers had to notify the driver of the 18-wheeler by pulling in front of him.

The driver claims he had no idea that he was dragging a car. He just knew he had to make his delivery on time.


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