Bros! Send In Your Best and Most Outrageous Holiday Pictures

Every year, bros celebrate the holidays… like bros. They wear ridiculous sweaters, they put beer cans on trees, they dump eggnog on each others' heads. Sometimes photos of the group bro'ing make their way onto a Christmas card—otherwise, there's always Facebook.

So we wanna see your funniest and most outrageous holiday pictures. Frat Xmas card? Yes. (Above is reader Scotty's 2013 card; below is last year's:)

A picture of shenanigans that went down at an Ugly Sweater Party? Yes.

You photobombing your poor family with Tupac? Yes.

So send them in.

Because the picture of you and your kids—wearing matching cardigans and painfully grinning in front of roaring fire—can wait.