This Sewage Truck Exploding And Gushing A Tidal Wave Of Poop Water Is The Worst Traffic Jam Ever

Isn’t it weird if you soil your pantaloons it is called an “accident,” but if two cars collide it is also called an “accident.” This incident on a highway in Moscow is about as close as you can come to combining both meanings of “accident” in one shitacular event.

On Monday, a sewage truck exploded while sitting in traffic in Russia and instantly blasted tidal waves of fecal matter everywhere.

“Dear God,” the driver with the dash cam as flooding feces waters surge towards his vehicle. Then he laughs and says, “A river of shit, a river of shit…”

A river of shit indeed sir.

Right about now seems the perfect time to get acclimated with the air recirculation button.

What you are about to watch is not footage from the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro showing the sewage-infested waters.

Be thankful that there is no such thing as smell-o-vision technology as of yet.

Can you imagine if the people in the white SUV on the left had their windows open?

Shit City – Population – The Passengers in that Car.

The owner of that SUV needs to not even bother with the windshield wipers and go directly to the car wash and ante up for one of those fancy $30 “The Works” car washes.

The exact moment when you realize that you really should not have eaten four Spicy Triple Double Crunchwraps.

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In the words of the great Dr. Ian Malcolm, “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”

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