This Sexy Harambe Costume Is Going To Win ALL The Halloween Contests This Year

You’re probably going to see a lot of very interesting and funny costumes this year. Everyone always tries to come up with something topical, funny and interesting. And no topic is more dear to America’s heart than our long-lost buddy Harambe.

As such you can certainly expect to see a WHOLE LOT of Harambe-related costumes come this Halloween. However, I am going to go out on a limb and say that none of them will be as good as this sexy little number.

If this doesn’t win every costume contest it’s entered in this year then the spirit of Harambe will be very, very disappointed in us as a society.

Want to buy it? It’s available right here.

And just so you bros aren’t left out of all the fun, here are a couple costumes and a mask for you dudes…




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And get even more Harambe gear here because it’s what he would want.

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