Sharon Osbourne Tells The World That She Dreams About Having Sex With Shaq

by 3 years ago

I like Sharon Osbourne because she speaks whats on her mind, but she may have given a little too much information in her lust for Shaq. Sharon, the 63-years-old wife of Ozzy Osbourne, is 5’2″ tall and probably 130 lbs. Shaquille O’Neal stands at 7′1″ tall and probably weighs around 350 lbs. Sharon wants to have sex with Shaq and she made it quite clear on Twitter.

Never has the slang word “Smash” been used and been such an accurate description of a sexual scenario as it does to this bizarre tryst. Did Sharon just turn Ozzy Osbourne, one of the greatest rock legends of all-time, into a cuck?

In another tweet Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne, who appears to be quite the size queen, said the legendary NBA big man was “Seven foot one of magnificentness.” So glad that said “foot” and not “inches.”

For Christ’s sake Sharon, keep it in your adult diaper-laden pants.

Maybe Sharon is watching too much Freddy Got Fingered.

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