Science Says That If Your Girl Waxes Or Shaves Her Pubes, She’s More Likely To Get And Spread Herpes

If you’re like me, then you consider the “bush” look to be gross. It’s like you’re having sex with a furry animal. Who wants to do that? Some people, technically…but that’s not the point. If your girl (or yourself, even) is lacking hair down there, she’s more likely to contract and spread herpes and HPV.

“Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the University of Texas at Houston and Tufts Medical Center looked at the latest research and concluded that…waxing the bikini (or Speedo) area ‘can cause microtrauma to the skin and its underlying structures.’
That could just cause a harmless temporary burn, but also ’causes deficits in the mucocutaneous barrier that may be sufficient for viral entry and transmission, potentially increasing the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections.'”

Via MTV News

The researchers also noted that people who nix their pubes are most likely having more sex than people who don’t, in which case “individuals who wax their pubic hair should be informed of this possible risk and perhaps be advised to abstain from sexual activity for a certain period of time after waxing.”

Since we’re in agreement that untrimmed crotches aren’t ideal, what’s the solution?

“…laser hair removal as as safer alternative. Also, explains Vorteil Dermatology of California, ‘[S]having with a razor blade can increase your risk of sexually transmitted diseases… Compared to a razor blade, an electric trimmer won’t cut the hair as close to the skin and lead to less nicks and cuts.’”

Via MTV News

So there you have it. If you’re going to shave, don’t be a bum and use those cheap-o disposable razors, or else you’ll get herpes.

[H/T MTV News]