Shirtless Hobo Beats People With A Pole In Denver Probably Because The Nuggets Can’t Get Kevin Durant

This Facebook video comes from Caleb Bonham and features a shirtless man about town take what appears to be a big stick or pole and beat a couple people on the 16th Street Mall in Denver.

Here’s the description from Caleb:

“Homeless Man Beats People on 16th Street
WARNING VIOLENT FOOTAGE: This is the crap that is going on in downtown Denver, Colorado. The 16th Street Mall is unpatrolled and people are getting hurt. This is why I am posting this. Nothing is being done. The leaders in our city keep saying they are going to do something. When?

We called 911 immediately and I pray those injured in this video recover fully! I am tired of seeing people get hurt and I love my city too much to see it go down like this.”

Should be noted that Caleb is the founding partner and president of D/CO consulting, the Editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, and is a regular guest on several national news programs.

Hey, at least it wasn’t a hobo with a shotgun…

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Not gonna lie, I recently went to Denver for my bachelor party because I thought it’s super chill and it totally is. So chill even the cops are like whatevs, man. After a supreme steak dinner at The Capital Grille, we went bar-hopping. One bar we tried to enter had a heavy woman in a way-too-tight skirt laying on the ground, barfing her breasts off. We look up to see a skinny dude hanging from the railing on the entrance ramp like a three-toed sloth, staring off into the distance. There were three or four cops and they were just standing there like, “This is weird, huh”. Chillest cops I’ve ever seen.

Eventually, someone from the bar comes out, sticks a flashlight in the sloth’s face, he falls off, gets up, falls backwards over the railing, lands on his head. Pops up, sprints down the street. We watch him go then look back to see the heavy woman still laying on the ground, but now she’s propped herself up on an elbow and is smoking a cigarette. Like she just had sex. The whole time, cops are just like us. Like, whaaaaaaaaaaaa

Good news is the authorities are looking to beef up security on the mall.

Via Denver Post


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