Five-Nine White Guy Goes Around Telling PC College Students That He’s A Six-Five Asian Woman And Literally Nobody Disagrees With Him

by 4 years ago

PC College Kids

There are two kinds of police in this world: the actual police that rappers hate and the PC police that everybody hates. And hating the PC police doesn’t automatically mean you aren’t accepting of others or politically incorrect. It just means that, at a certain point, you understand that some semblance of a line needs to be drawn. Why? Because otherwise you’ll end up looking like an idiot. Like these college students did.

“I guess if that’s how you identify yourself.” Come on.

I feel like the kids he was questioning had to be in on it. Either that or I have to swallow the idea that these people literally agreed that a 5′ 9″ white dude could potentially actually be a 6′ 5″ Asian woman without any second thoughts. Why weren’t these kinds of people working in admissions when I was applying for colleges? My Native American ass would have gotten a full-ride to Harvard. Also, side note: how were all of those Asian people he was interviewing not insulted?

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