Unlucky Groom’s Side Chick Crashes His Wedding And Turns The Best Day Of His Life Into Every Nightmare He’s Ever Had

The extramarital affair game is a dangerous game. Sure, if done right, you’re literally swimming through all kinds poon while also having some guaranteed poon when you get home. Playing the field is probably much less stressful when you know for a fact that you have BJ City sitting home waiting for you. At the same time, it’s a real scumbag move that can explode in your face. You have to have two phones and buy your mistress a love pad. Then you have to start buying her fancy gifts to keep her happy. It’s even worse if both chicks assume they’re your main chick. Then you have two side chicks thinking they’re your main chicks and no main chicks.

Take this dude for example. Guy had a side chick who assumed she was the only gash in his life worth having and in turn got real upset when she walked in on his wedding ceremony to a different chick.

This is the face of a man who refuses to believe what is happening to him.

At least the best man isn’t laughing at his boy’s life collapsing around him. That guy is going to be haunted by slow claps for the rest of his life. I have to give the side chick credit. A slow clap entrance and not making a huge scene is as mature as you’re going to get in this situation. The real mature thing to do is obviously to not go to your man’s wedding to another woman and do something more nuanced like shit in a box and it to FedEx him or like all of the Instagrams that he posts with his new wife. But, all in all, things could not have worked out in the side chick’s favor any better. Everyone begins whispering to each other looking at her. Completely undermines the wedding ceremony and in turn reveals the truth behind the all-white proceedings. “We’ve got to leave.” No lady, you sit back down and watch what happens when a grown man’s dick gets overzealous. Take notes, bros. If you’re going to have a side chick, make sure she doesn’t live within driving distance of where you’re hosting your wedding.