Dude Travels Over 16,000 Miles By Land, From Singapore To Denmark, Just To Eat At A Restaurant

Noma in Denmark has been named the Best Restaurant in the World four times. It’s like Mecca for foodies. Getting a reservation at Noma can be insane, and getting to the restaurant itself can be incredibly difficult since it’s located in Denmark out in the middle of nowhere.

In April 2016, Alex Adamson left Singapore and traveled to Noma in Denmark by land. That’s a 26,000-kilometer trip, over 16,100 miles. In the three months it took Alex to travel to Noma by land he passed through 18 countries, and he documented everything along the way. Earlier this month, Alex finally threw up this 6-minute recap of his 26,000km trip by land from Singapore to Denmark.

When it was all said and done, Alex Adamson spent $3,500 during his 3-months of travel through 18 countries. He claims the $3,500 covered food, lodging, travel, visas, and all of his gear. He cut costs by couch surfing, sleeping in hostels (and occasionally outside), and by munching on delicious street food.

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Although this video’s pretty epic, the thing that kind of pisses me off about it is that there’s ZERO footage of the actual meal at Noma. We get this 6-minute build up of 26,000km across 18 countries all leading to the #1 restaurant in the world, and then it just ends. Thankfully, Alex also kept a blog during his journey and he wrote about his meal at Noma HERE on his website ‘All Roads Lead To Noma’. Alex claims the meal and trip were 100% worth it. You can follow that link to see pictures of what the dishes look like at the #1 restaurant in the world.

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