HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA! This Is The Single Worst Punch In The History Of Mankind. Period.

I’m not some tough-talking fucko who constantly says that I can kick the shit out of anyone and everyone. In fact, I know this is hard to believe, but I’m not a very good fighter whatsoever. Shocking!?!? I know you must be thinking, “But you’re a blogger, you must be a killer with those quick keyboard-tapping hands.” Nope. I suck. However with that being said, I could punch a fuck of a lot better than this jackhole.

This coward attempts to get in a cheap shot from behind during a street fight in the U.K. He winds up for the big wallop and then… COMPLETELY MISSES THE GUY! His near victim didn’t dodge his mighty fist of fury, he merely kept strolling at the same leisurely speed he had been. The cheap shot artist missed with so much ferocity and fail that he fell on his fucking face.

Shots fired. Shots not connected.

Motherfucker you almost knocked yourself on a punch that didn’t connect.

Sit your pathetic ass down and have a pint.