This Dude Should Have Skipped Leg Day As He Almost Impales Himself And Everyone In A 10-Foot Radius From Disastrous Squat Fail

by 3 years ago

Despite sooooo many weightlifting fails, including this epic home version from a few days ago, people continue to write checks that their body can’t cash.

This gentleman with the toothpick legs is for some odd reason attempting to squat all of that weight, and guess what… It doesn’t end well. Despite that fancy belt and spending the time to wrap his legs, his squat session ends in half of a second. The weights slide off one side of the bar, causing the bar to fly in the air because of all of the plates on the right side. The bar slams into the walkway and thankfully nobody was strolling by when this squat fail went down. Maybe he should have skipped leg day.

Our ambitious weightlifter should thank his lucky stars that his sweet ponytail didn’t get caught in the bar.


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