A Skydiver Got Stuck And Dangled From A Plane For 30 Minutes Of NOPE! (Video)

by 3 years ago
skydiver stuck on plane 30 minutes

Vimeo - Maurice Mathey

First off, I am not jumping out of a plane…ever. This video of a guy who jumped out of a plane only to get stuck on it for 30 minutes has only served to confirm those feelings for me.

The man named Fernando Gava, who has performed over 1,000 jumps, was exiting the plane when his jumpsuit got stuck on the exit ramp. This, this was not good. For 30 damn minutes he hung there 10,000 feet in the air trying to work himself loose.

Oh, did I mention he was hanging upside down by his pant leg the whole time? Yeah…

Eventually Gava was able to cut his pant leg off with a knife, deployed his reserve chute and landed on the sweet, sweet ground.

Amazingly, according to ABC News, the only injury he suffered was a cut on his hand from the knife he used to free himself.

(Don’t worry, the video isn’t 30 minutes long, it’s just the, uh, highlights?)

H/T Mediaite


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