‘Trump Is Disgusting’ – Mysterious Skywriting Bashing Donald Trump Appears Above The Rose Parade

donald trump man bun

Getty Image

Donald Trump has his share of passionate supporters, but the polarizing presidential candidate also has his share of vehement detractors. On Friday, the detractors took trolling of the Donald to new heights with a disparaging skywriting display.

During the 127th Rose Parade in California, as many as six skywriting planes used the clear blue sky to belittle and troll Trump. “America is great! Trump is disgusting,” was written in the mostly cloudless sky.

Another message said, “Trump loves to hate.”

One message stated, “Putin eats Trump for dessert.” No dessert for me, I’m stuffed.

They even denigrated Trump by calling him a “Fascist Dictator.”

The handiwork seems to be done by Air Sign, a national aerial advertising firm, and they seem to be hired by the site Anybodybuttrump.us.

There was another message that people are saying that it said, “Anybody But Trump,” but it clearly said, “Anybody Butt Rump.”

The skywriting had the crowd talking, except for this dude who was more excited about getting Chik-fil-A, and who could blame him?

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