These Bros Playing Slip And Flip Cup At A Bachelor Party Will Make You Extra Depressed That It’s Monday

by 4 years ago

Working for the Weekend from ojo Creative on Vimeo.

Although I am terrified of what Slip and Flip would do to my testicles, I am certain that trauma of diving dick first onto a tarp is still far more pleasant than sitting in an office and working on a Monday when it’s 90-degrees and sunny outside. For me, that is especially true today. My commute was so bad that it was trending on Facebook and then Seamless — shitty ass motherfucking Seamless — fucked up my lunch order causing a two and a half hour delay. But, hey, it could be worse. I could be The Fat Jew, who seems to be having the worst goddamn Monday of his entire life.

Per Vimeo:

It’s not too often ojo Creative gets invited to one of their grooms bachelor parties. Danny will be marrying his fiancee in just a few short weeks, but before he does that, his buddies made sure they sent him off in style. Armed with only my iPhone 6+, I was able to fire off a few shots of an epic Slip and Flip Cup.

What I loved about this guy’s video, other than Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend,” was that they even added an extra layer of danger to the game. Not only could an unaccounted for jagged rock rip their scrotum to shreds, but if they accidentally veered to a little too far to one side of the tarp, they had a 45lb plate waiting to shatter their face. Now that’s a high stakes bachelor party if I’ve ever seen one.


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