This Guy Smoking A McDonalds French Fry Is Probably The Most Infuriatingly Stupid Thing You’ll Watch All Day



I was expecting to watch this video and wind up thinking to myself “Wow this guy is dumb,” but instead I watched this video and wound up thinking to myself “Wow this guy is dumb and I hate him.”

First off, he tries to light the damn thing on fire and says “It’s working, it’s lighting like a firecracker.” Well no shit dude, it’s a French FRY, it’s chock full of COOKING OIL. Durr it’s going to light, what did you expect? That it was gonna jump out of your hands and spank your bottom? He then goes on to actually take a hit once it’s lit and brings us the most wisdom-filled statement of the century:

“This is crazy, bro. What’s it taste like? It tastes like crap.”

As would ANYTHING you tried to smoke that wasn’t intended to be smoked you shithead. You’re not smart, you’re not insightful in talking about how McDonald’s bad for you, you’re just a fucking moron.

[Header image via Shutterstock]