Bro On Snapchat Made A Fantastic Song About Cooking Steak And Eggs For Breakfast

I wish I could be one of these chipper morning people who wake up happy and sing in the morning. I’m not. I’m a miserable, cranky bastard until I get my first cup of coffee flowing through my veins. That’s why I applaud this dude for being able to sing while preparing breakfast. The last time I cooked eggs in the morning I ended up screaming at my refrigerator because I ran out of butter/spray/lube to properly grease the pan, yet I had all these eggs.

This Bro has pipes. I could see him starting one of those quirky food trucks you see in Portland or Austin where everyone is always singing and happy while serving tacos. Dude would make a killing.

I want 5% for the idea if you give the food truck thing a shot, Bro. The only goal I have in life is to be the Mr. Wonderful of the Shark Tank food blog game.

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