A Snorlax Pops Up In Taiwan And Creates An Uncontrollable Mob Of People Trying To Catch It

When she changes her relationship status on Facebook. When she posts a bikini pic on Instagram with the caption ‘Lonely af’. When your entire math class gets in trouble and the teacher calls home but it’s not 5 PM yet so you can maybe delete the message off your answering machine before everyone gets home from work. When the school goes into lockdown and everyone has to sit in the closet but the fat kid who’s lactose intolerant rips ass and the entire class decides to take their chances with the gunman. Honestly, I could come up with weird captions for this video all day. But none are as weird as the truth aka the fact that these people are all running to catch a Snorlax. Well, I bet like 65% of them are. The other 45% probably just saw hundreds of people sprinting and assumed something horrible had happened and fled with the crowd. Maybe they thought that Godzilla was finally sick of Japan and was making a quick meal of China. It could happen. I never would have thought that a Snorlax would create organized chaos on the streets of China, and yet here we are.

[h/t Coed]