Sober Man Leaves His Drunk Alter Ego A Helpful Note, But It Erupts In Tempestuous Blowup At Himself

Like many accomplished drinkers, Steve Davidson has multiple personalities when he drinks. Davidson, a 30-year-old from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, is usually Sober Steve who is responsible and is wary of hazards that could affect him in the future. Then there’s Drunk Steve who wants to get fucking lit and have the best goddamn time ever. Sober Steve tried to save his inebriated alter ego with a helpful note, but Drunk Steve wasn’t fucking having it.

Sober Steve wrote this handy note addressed to Drunk Steve and it included a bottle of water to help prevent a crippling hangover.

“Please drink this bottle of water before bed then you can have the chicken wings in the fridge. Hangover Steve will thank you,” Sober Steve wrote to Drunk Steve.

This is some solid advice by Sober Steve, who knows the dangers of not bringing water to your bedroom when you have indulged in a heavy amount of alcohol and are sure to wake up parched.

However, Drunk Steve immediately puts Sober Steve on the pay-no-mind list.

“FUCK YOU SOBER STEVE I DO WHAT I WANT PS — TELL SOBER HANGOVER STEVE THAT HE’S A LIL’ BITCH,” Drunk Steve retorted to Sober Steve. How about a little appreciation for Sober Steve and his interest in the welfare in both of you.

I think we all need a Sober Steve in our lives.

(But we’d all much prefer to party with Drunk Steve)

This isn’t the first case of a drunk person hurting themselves while intoxicated.