The Heartwarming Story of a Soldier Who Adopted the Dog That Saved His Life

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Bravo to National Georgraphic for capturing an incredible story that might make you cry. According to a Letter from the Editor, this month’s issue features military dogs who have served in combat. One such dog is Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald’s combat dog Layka, who was shot four times by the enemy at point-blank range while protecting him and his men. She was badly wounded while attacking the enemy, taking four rounds from an AK-47 at point-blank range. It took seven hours of surgery and the amputation of a leg to save her.

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Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald worked hard to adopt her afterwards. Nat Geo made a tremendous video about her life out of the service.

This video gets all of the feels. Seriously, all of them. Shout out to those responsible for saving that dog.

Who’s cutting onions in here?

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