The Most Important Car In America’s Been Stolen From America’s Most Important Man, You Know Who I’m Talking About

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The most powerful and important man in America has found is life in shambles after his beloved vehicle was stolen (along with its trailer) while he was in Detroit for a public appearance. How the Face of the Free World’s security allowed this to happen is still under investigation, but there’s already a nationwide man hunt underway to recover Papa John’s 1972 Z28 Camaro, a car that originally belonged to Papa Johns father but was sold when his dad was going through bankruptcy.

The story of what makes this car so special is important to know before we get to the details of the theft. It was only from hard work and pizza making by Papa John himself that he was able to buy back the prized ’72 Camaro Z28 with black racing stripes running down the center of the vehicle and a license plate with “PZZA1” emblazoned across it, so every one on the road knows that the man behind the wheel has the biggest swinging richard in the state of Kentucky. Papa John, aka John Schnatter, loved the car so much that he commissioned someone (for $25k) to find his dad’s Z28 and then paid $250,000 to buy back his dad’s Camaro. To put that in perspective you can find an abundance of ’72 Z28 Camaro’s on the market right now for anywhere between $13.5k to $33k…nowhere near a quarter million dollars. Here’s an ABC News story on him being reunited with the beloved vehicle:

Detroit’s WXYZ has the details of this unthinkable crime:

A special Camaro belonging to the Papa John’s Pizza owner has been stolen along with the trailer overnight in Detroit, according to police. It was in town for the Woodward Dream Cruise.
The car is gold with black stripes down the middle, with a Kentucky license plate of “PZZA1”. The trailer it was in is a 2014 Haul AC White/Black trailer with Kentucky license plate 719005.
The car rarely leaves Kentucky where it’s displayed at the company’s headquarters, but was towed up here for the Dream Cruise.
It was originally stolen off of E. Jefferson Ave. in Detroit, but the truck was located in the 900 block of Woodbridge.
This is the third car that was stolen during Dream Cruise weekend. A black, 1966 Chevelle was stolen overnight and a 1966 Corvette was stolen Saturday afternoon .
Anyone with information is asked to call Detroit police or HEAT at 1-800-242-HEAT.

That is a REAL PHONE NUMBER. That’s not just a made up number because we here at BroBible love using the word ‘HEAT’ to described anything and everything. If you have any information that will assist the nation’s most important task force in finding Papa John’s Camaro PLEASE, I BEG YOU to call that number above and help Papa John find his car.

UPDATE: The most important car in America has been RECOVERED. It was found today (Monday), somewhere on Detroit’s West Side, and the recovery effort can now begin to wrap up.

[Jalopnik via WXYZ]

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