A Few Candidates For ‘Son Of The Year’ Celebrated Mother’s Day By Dismantling Their Mothers In Tackle Football

Moms definitely draw the short straw when it comes to parenting sons. Moms birth, rear, punish and educate their sons and get repaid by their boys turning around and doing cool stuff with their dad. “Hey mom, thanks for carrying me in your body for 9 months and giving up part of your life to make sure I didn’t choke on my tongue as an infant but I got these Yankee tickets so I’m going to take dad.” So I get why these moms celebrated Mother’s Day by getting down and dirty with their sons. But also I’m kind of assuming that they may have been bad mothers because their sons hit them with a bit of a smackdown.

700% chance that the mom in the orange was the weird mom who always invited everyone over and then only had celery stick for snacks and made everyone do their homework before they could go play outside. Hence why she got hit hard enough to flatten like an ironing board more than once. Also, how about that mom in the green at the end catching a faceful of steamroller in the final seconds of the game? I hope these guys also gave their moms gift certificates to the local chiropractor because their bodies are now more than likely just skin-bags full of landmines of pain set to go off if they even turn the wrong way too fast. Would I ever do this to my mom? Absolutely not. But maybe it’s becuase I don’t love her as much as these guys do. What I’m saying is that true love hurts, so tackle your moms.