The Whisky Sent To Space To Age Tastes Awful And Doesn’t Give You Super Powers

space whisky ardbeg


Look at that black shit up there. That look like something tasty to you? No? Here, maybe a little description of the flavor will whet your appetite.

“The [taste] is intense and long, with hints of … antiseptic lozenges and rubbery smoke.”

When I crave something good, I reach for a Hall’s menthol cough drop that’s been held over a tire fire for a few hours.

That there are the findings of Ardbeg’s Scotch in Space adventure. Four years ago, they sent a vial of whisky up to the International Space Station to age in zero gravity. Now, after hearing its description, I can say the experiment was a major failure.

By contrast, the control Earth whisky had “woody, balsamic flavors … a distant fruitiness … with flavors of gentle smoke … and creamy fudge.”

So space scotch is not good. But worse, the people who drank it didn’t even develop super powers. Like, really, what the shit is the point? I wanted them all to turn into Scotch Space Monsters. Is that too much to ask?

You can watch a video of the Ardbeg Space Scotch team discussing their findings here.

[Via Raw Story]