Spencer Gifts Is Under Fire For A Product Offering Many Deem Wildly Inappropriate, Even For Spencer Gifts

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Every red blooded American with a mall within an hour radius has spent a Friday night during junior high rummaging through Spencer Gifts, namely the poster section. Because well, Pamela Anderson. And boobs. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time in a store I never bought anything at than Spencer Gifts. I’ve made a lot of moronic financial decisions in my life, but never have stooped to the point of spending my allowance on a titty key chain.

Regardless, Spencer Gifts is a social justice warrior’s nightmare, the anti-thesis for the politically correct. So if Spencer’s is coming under fire for a product offering many deem “insensitive” and “promoting rape culture,” it’s gotta be something outrageous. Well…


Spencer Gifts


As you can imagine, the outrage machine was alive and churning!

Spencer Gifts is going to Spencer Gifts. And I, for one, am fine by it.

[h/t Some eCards]

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