Stanford Rapist Brock Turner’s Mom Was So Worried About Her Son That She Couldn’t Decorate Her New House


I’m beginning to think that the the Turner’s are not real people. Actually, since I know they unfortunately are, I’m becoming convinced that none of them have ever met anyone who is brave enough to tell them that everything they say makes zero sense. Between his dad saying the kid has already served his punishment because he’s lost his appetite for steaks and Brock himself writing an apology to both his victim and the judge without actually using the word ‘sorry’ once, it’s pretty to easy to assume that this is a family who is completely oblivious to how the world works. “Sure, he raped a girl, but didn’t she rape his life back?” is a quote that I pretty much am expecting one of these people to say eventually to try and convince the world to not hate their rapist son. Yes, I’m judging this dude. That’s what happens when you rape a person and then try and convince the world that you are the victim.

Enter the mother of the rapist, Carleen Turner.

Via The Fresno Bee:

“Turner’s mother, Carleen Turner, wrote a letter nearly four pages long and doesn’t mention the victim of the sexual assault once. Instead, she talks about her son’s childhood, how he asked a high school girlfriend to prom and his swimming and academic career for two pages. She then talks about how devastated she and her family has been since the weekend in January when Turner sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman.

“My first thought upon wakening every morning is ‘this isn’t real, this can’t be real. Why him? Why HIM? WHY? WHY?’ ” Carleen Turner wrote. “I have cried every single day since Jan. 18.”

“Wah, I can’t decorate my house and my son’s life is hard now because he raped a girl behind a dumpster” – Carleen Turner. Probably. I’m going to be honest, the Turner’s have one of the top five worst publicists ever. Why do these people still have access to the US Postal system? Every time they put anything in the mailbox, it ends up on the Internet. And it is not flattering. I mean, you have to have a huge set of balls to say your son’s life is going to be so hard because now he has to carry the cross of registering as a sex offender when said son was the one who cut down the tree and fashioned the cross out of it. Plus, in what world does this woman think that teens today try and impress each other by seeing who can commit the sickest rape? Yeah, teens are weird, but not sadistically so. Here’s a hot take, Carleen: Most of Brock’s teammates probably weren’t really cool with him raping a chick. That’s like the opposite of how you fit in. Sure, it’s 2016 and the Internet seems to always be cloudy with a 100% chance of Rape Culture, but that doesn’t mean that people are into seeing women be sexually abused. This isn’t Westeros.