Guy Tries To Pay His Cartel Debt With ‘Star Wars’ Action Figures, Is Immediately Murdered

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Let’s make a list of things that are worth more than Star Wars action figures:

1. A car
2. A diamond ring
3. Dog shit

Now it’s possible that poor Carlos guy simply didn’t have any of these luxurious items and thought that his Star Wars collection was a fair trade. This would indicate that Carlos is an idiot.

“Pablo Christian Larumbe Rojas, 34, was turned over to the Mexican Attorney General’s Office. Authorities in Mexico had been seeking him on a warrant accusing him of murder and kidnapping in connection with the September 2010 disappearance of Carlos Palomares Maldonado, who ‘purportedly owed the suspect’s criminal confederates roughly $3,000,’ U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said in a statement.

Palomares offered to settle the debt by “trading his extensive collection of Star Wars action figures, which were worth more than the amount he owed,” authorities said.

The victim reportedly went to the suspect’s home but never returned. Mexican authorities later detained several individuals who were in possession of the victim’s body — and who then implicated the suspect, authorities said.”

Via SF Gate

Since we’ve decided as a group that Carlos is an idiot, let’s all take a personal moment to celebrate that he’s no longer in the gene pool. Let this be a lesson to you kids; no one in the real world actually gives a shit about Star Wars. It’s all fun and games in the theaters, but Subway isn’t going to accept your Han Solo doll in exchange for a footlong.

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