Starbucks Accidentally Jacked Up Their Prices Last Week, And It Went So Well, They’re Doing It For Good

Last week, several Starbucks locations across the US accidentally overcharges customers. It all went so well, the company is going to keep the prices for good! But they’d planned that all along.

The company revealed in a statement on Friday that it “prematurely initiated a price hike it meant to institute on July 12.” It has since “fixed the glitch.”

This is the third summer in a row Starbucks is raising prices. The company hiked prices in the first week of July in 2014 and 2015. Last year, costs were bumped up between $.05 and $.20 cents — depending on the drink and location — but this year the prices could go as high as the diving board at your pool club at $.30 on certain drinks.

At least loitering in a Starbucks is still free. For now.

[via CNBC]

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