U.S. Map Shows How Many Guns Each State Is Packing Compared To Countries Around The World

The Second Amendment practically defines America. The right to keep and bear arms is so engrained in the lifeblood of our great country that some people estimate there are more privately owned guns in the United States than citizens.

Nobody knows for sure, but estimates range from over 300 million guns in the USA to ‘1 gun for every 90 citizens‘, though the latter is registered guns. We love our guns goddammit!

That infographic you see above puts into content just HOW MUCH we love our guns in America by showing the amount of guns in each state compared with the total firepower of nations around the world. Let’s take a closer look:

All 50 States Renamed For Countries With Similar Gun Ownership

Movoto’s methodology:

We started with a research group in Switzerland called Small Arms Survey and its report “Small Arms Survey 2007: Guns and the City.” Among other things, it estimated gun-ownership numbers for 178 countries, including the United States (which it estimates has about 270 million guns).

We then took the estimate of 88.8 guns per 100 people for the U.S.—which, seven years later, is likely higher—and used it to calculate each state’s estimated gun ownership, based on state populations from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 survey. (Of course, gun-ownership density varies throughout the country, but this number gave us a easy way to come up with comparable figures for all 50 states, since actual state-to-state numbers were not available.)

Once we had the list of state numbers, we compared each one to Small Arms Survey’s list of countries and respective gun-ownership estimates, logging the nearest match.

As you’d expect, the United States’ “superpowers” match up with some of the world’s superpowers:

California’s total of 33.08 million guns is closest to China’s 40 million.
Texas’ total of 22.33 million guns is closest to Germany’s 25 million.
New York’s total of 17.2 million guns is closest to Pakistan’s 18 million.

Interestingly enough, the next biggest state, Florida, is closest to Mexico (16.7 million vs. 15.5 million). Given their proximity, let’s hope they don’t meet in a shootout, because it probably won’t end like a proverbial Mexican Standoff.

Hot dang, any of you bros got a raging freedom boner right now too? Yah? Not just me? Cool…

Here’s how the individual states break down:

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[WideopenSpaces via Movoto]