You Won’t Believe How Many People Are Willing To Steal A $5000 Pair Of Yeezy Shoes From A Homeless Guy In This Video

I don’t get it. Those shoes are FUG. Who the hell wears bright red high-tops in public besides Kanye West? No one, so why the fuck are they worth $5,000? Because his name is on them? Barf. Barf everywhere. Aside from how busted those shoes are, it’s incredibly depressing to see how many people are willing to jack shoes off of a homeless dude, with one guy even saying “Uhh well I was gonna put it in my college fund and I thought the homeless guy was gonna use it for alcohol sooo…” Yeah okay fine, but you’re still an asshole. And as for the lady that tries to stop one of the would-be thieves, she sucks too. Why? Because she’s being a royal bitch about the entire thing. Everyone in this is an awful person, minus the homeless dude pranking everyone.