Guy Stole 2,000 Pair Of Underwear From Women In His Neighborhood — The Way He Was Caught Was Too Hilarious

I’ll never understand the appeal of snaking women’s underwear. I’m not knocking the fetish, I just don’t get it. One guy loved doing it so much, he stole over 2,000 pair in just a year. But like most thieves the guy got caught and that’s where the story gets hilarious.

According to this story, the thief from Yulin, southeast China, allegedly stole lingerie from women in his neighborhood over the course of the past year. Police think he collected each piece by sneaking into his houses while the women were at work using a master key.

Now, 2000 pair of underwear and boulder holders, they need a home. Somewhere other than his home. So he stashed them in a ceiling of a common room in the apartment complex. That’s when his plans, literally, came crashing down after the weight of all those drawers brought the ceiling down. It rained dirty undies and D cup bras for hours.

I think it’s hilarious that they’ve got to line the bras and undies up like they do massive bricks of coke after a drug bust. My question — did the women come and claim their old underwear or does it all go into evidence?

“Nah, it’s cool, you can keep them.”

[H/T: Outrage Post]

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