Forget Popping Pimples, The New Repulsive Trend Is Having Stones Made From Secretions Being Extracted From Belly Buttons

We’ve all seen the horror that is Dr. Pimple Popper. However, there is a new incredibly disgusting and stomach-churning genre of video that is here to make you gag. Introducing the umbolith!

What is an umbolith you ask? Fantastic query! An umbolith, which also goes by the names omphalith and omphalolith, is a navel stone. This stone is created in your belly button when there are deposits of sebum, the oily secretions made by skin glands, and keratin, the fibrous protein in skin and hair. If left alone for some time, these two materials can form a hard stone in your innie.

But enough with all the sexy talk, let’s see a stone made of human secretions get extracted from someone’s belly button.

Enjoy eating your linguine alfredo tonight after watching that. No offense to this person, but how do you not realize that there’s a boulder growing in your belly button? It’s not like there’s a speck of dirt, there’s a huge rock on your body. Another week or two and that rock was going to start talking and shit.

The moral of the story is that you should always keep your belly button clean and free of seepage that can form cobblestones.