Here’s Why You Should Stop Popping Your Pimples, You Sick Freaks

by 2 years ago

There is nothing I hated more than those Dr. Pimple Popper videos that we got in a weird habit of posting a couple weeks ago. Just the image of a big nasty monster zit on the homepage made me want to puke up my lunch. We had to stop posting them. It was too unbearable for half-our staff, let alone our readers who want to look at the site while on their lunch break. The fact that he made a St Patrick’s Day supercut of great moments in pimple popping is fucked up on so many levels.

Acne sucks giant donkey wads. I had it bad as a teenager and had to go on Accutane in high school, which s-u-c-k-e-d. Every single dermatologist I’ve ever visited has sternly warned me that popping those bad boys is a big no-no. The video above from Business Insider reinforces why it’s best to just let them mellow and throw on some ointment you get a drug store.

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