Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Listen To This World War II Vet’s Amazing Tales Of Bravery In Battle

This is an epic video from our friends over at Huffington Post. World War II veteran Thomas E. Anderson turns 91 next month. In a collection of audio recordings, he explains how “the winter of ’44 was the worst part of my life” while serving in the 84th Division during the Battle Of The Bulge.

“[I] landed in the mud and the snow, one hot meal maybe every two weeks, temperature was below zero, German troops were coming through at night.”

Anderson had a close call in 1945, while serving for the 69th Division. “I was considered to be a demolition expert,” he explained. “I was disarming a bomb and I managed to blow myself up … I blew my hands up.”

“There was some doubt that I would make it,” he said, but added that he survived his injuries thanks to the “buddy system,” relying on help from his fellow soldiers.

This is why the Greatest Generation is truly deserving of the title. Tough a nails yet so humble about the entire experience.

Pour one out for our incredible veterans past and present tonight, Bros.

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