I Can’t Stop Dry-Heaving After Watching This Lady Drink Her Own Piss As A Messed Up Addiction

We all have weird addictions—hell, mine is getting blacked out and lying to strangers at the bar that I’m either some jackass named Johnson Lockley with an Australian accent or that I’m related to George Clooney and/or Jake Gyllenhaal. And while that’s all sorts of fucking stupid, this lady named Carrie has me beat so hard.

That’s because she developed a strange addiction for drinking her own piss every day about four years ago, estimating she’s guzzled down more than 900 gallons of the yellow stuff during that timeframe.

I’ve heard of some messed up shit in my lifetime, but drinking your own piss has to be one of the more bizarre things ever.

Sure, under the most extreme situation when my life is on the line, I might piss into a cup and throw shots of it back, but that’s only if/when it’s a matter of life and death. Never would I just casually do this for the fuck of it.

There are so many questions I have about this Carrie chick, but the biggest is this: When was the last time another person kissed her and did they enjoy it or barf immediately afterwards? My guess: The latter.

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