Apparently Strapping an iPad to a Tortoise Counts as Art These Days

by 4 years ago


The Aspen Art Museum has offended animal rights activists with its newest exhibit, entitled ‘Moving Ghost Town.’

Why has art offended animal lovers? Because this particular piece, by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, consisted of gluing some iPads to some turtles and letting them walk around the building’s roof.

You know. Art. The iPads will display images of abandoned towns in the area, which were filmed by the plodding turtles, back when they were pre-art. Then, they were just turtles with iPads (cyborg turtles). Now, though, they are the completion of Cai Guo-Qiang’s VISION. Whatever that may be.

Of course, PETA is naturally upset. The museum, for their part, says the animals are being overseen by a qualified veterinarian.

The world is weird. Are you team turtle or team Chinese artist?

Me? I’m both. I bet the turtles love knowing that thanks to some industrial-strength epoxy, they will never lose their tablet. Although they also can never use it. That’s kinda sad. That shit’s got Retina display.

[Image via Instagram]


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