This Street Fight Between Bros In Orlando Has Everything You Could Want In A Street Fight Between Bros In Orlando


It takes a lot to make a quality street fight video, at least in my mind. You can’t just have two dudes taking some swings at each other. No, you need more.

You gotta have good build up. It can’t be too short, but it especially shouldn’t be too long. I need to be jazzed for the fight without being blue balled.

You need a lot of people shouting, “You don’t know me, Bro.”

A dude in a baby blue polo with a mohawk doesn’t hurt.

You need a drunk girl throwing leg kicks and dudes landing serious shots to the face. This video’s got it all. And to top it off, it’s set in Orlando.

This is actually how I imagine Orlando is every single day. Just drunken cadres of Bros walking down the streets at all times taking swings at each other for ‘fronting.’ I bet it’s a lovely place to live.